About us

- we are here for you -

SOPHISTO is a dynamic consulting, training, and coaching company which provides its services to clients both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We can provide you with high quality international training with unified know-how conducted in local languages, respecting the local specifics in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Holland, Italy, Scandinavia, France, the USA, and more.

Our philosophy 

- how do we work  -

We believe that most adults have available all the necessary resources for their own personal development. Our training approach is based on the fact that all that people need to change their behaviour is to:

  • be aware of their behaviour patterns
  • understand the impact/effect/consequence of their behaviour on others
  • be motivated to undergo a change
  • be aware of alternative ways of behaviour
  • receive training in such new behaviour

Each individual has their own talent waiting to be discovered and expressed.

We believe that people learn best through their own experiences. What begins as a simple technique can then become a new personal and natural approach or habit. The way we view ourselves is often different from what others see. Honest and accurate feedback allows us to see ourselves more clearly.

Our clients appreciate the "simple, practical, sensible, and useful" approach that can be immediately put into everyday practice, bringing clear benefits. They say that the main difference lies in the methodological work of the trainer-coach who treats each participant individually depending on their needs, aiding them in their realization.

We focus on the commitment of individuals to achieve higher performance.