My story

- I look forward to exploring, discovering and inspiring -


I started building SOPHISTO in 2010. At that time I already had 9 years of experience from two multinational consulting and training companies and in retro fact I have to say that it was a great preparation.

The economy wasn't doing very well at that time, and I thought it was the right time to start building my own business. I like challenges and I don't like stereotypes, so I went for it.

Even after 19 years in this business, I still enjoy working with clients. Clients, different company cultures and participants are my motivation, my driving force. And it's my clients and you reading this that keep me enjoying my job.

I am very lucky and grateful to have work to enjoy, job that fills me up. I want to thank YOU for that, my dear clients.

Write, call, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to you.

                                                                                                                Irena Staňková 

Ing. Irena Stankova

  - trainer & consultant & coach - 

For 19 years, I've been helping people to discover and develop their potential. I will help you identify your strengths, discover your inner talents, build on them and develop them. We will streamline your managerial and sales habits together and I help you to get rid of limiting and bad habits.

My focus is on developing behavioral skills. I will help you to streamline and strengthen desirable business approaches and behaviors.

I regularly open the Management Academy and I deliver all kind of tailor-made courses. I train and coach people of all nationalities, in the Czech Republic and abroad, from non-managerial positions to top positions in the fields of manufacturing, IT, pharmacy, banking, advertising, construction, automotive, services, FMCG, business... 

I specialize in leadership, management, negotiation, time management, strategic and relationship sales, influencing the others, presentation skills, effective management of meetings and many others.

I look forward to discovering and inspiring each other together.