- what real participants say -

Jan H.

"The training is aimed at personality development. This means that it focuses on practice and involves a series of interactive exercises to help participants solve a specific task. Others may come up with improvements to the solution or assess other trainees. Everybody gets always engaged. The aim of the course is not gaining encyclopedic knowledge but obtaining useful habits.

Miroslav V.

"Coaching gave me self-confidence and improved my presentation and communication skills. It made me see various aspects of communication and work on improving them. I can now see my presentation and communication through the eyes of the addressee, helping me to maximize acceptance of my communication by others".

Weal A.

"It was a real pleasure working with you. Interesting way of communication with us during the training, which had a huge impact for me."

Honza V.

"The benefit here is that one can step out of their everyday routine and meet people from other companies who can help them see things from a different perspective."

Radek K.

"Irena was very helpful in sorting out my views and also acted as a kind of a "mirror"

For me personally, the support she gave me was of paramount importance since it gave me confidence in my new job. 

During the sessions, I became assured of my planned steps and learned to accept feedback. 

I highly value Irena's direct communication and openness during sessions. She had won my trust, which I believe is the most important thing between the coach and the coachee.

Honza S.

"Support from the coach: It was very important to set clear goals that we wanted to achieve with clearly defined benefits in case of success. 

For example, change the structure of the department due to a large number of interactive bonds (subordinates). It all had one huge goal and impact - relieve myself of daily tasks and have time for strategic tasks, staff and team development, and preparation for the next period. 

Sometimes very uncomfortable questions that nobody wants to ask but that lead to understanding of the problem, thus to a solution. 

What you can expect? Professional but not impersonal approach of the coach with maximum care and results.